Specialty Horse Feeds

  Protein Fat Fiber
High Fat Low Carb 12.0% 20.0% 19.0%
Low Carb Lite 13.0% 5.2% 26.0%
Premium Excel 13.0% 10.0% 14.0%
Senior Advantage 14.0% 8.0% 17.0%
Fiberize 13.0% 12.0% 21.0%
Hay Extender 12.0% 2.0% 28.0%
Fortify 20.0% 4.0% 20.0%
Genesis Performance Plus 13.75% 6.75% 8.8%


High Fat Low Carb

  • Designed specifically for EPSM (a metabolic muscle disease), “Shivers” and “Tying Up”.
  • Fortified to support these problems and safe for any horse!  Great for “Hard Keepers” or “Senior” horses too!
  • Low starch/heavy fortifications also excellent for Laminitis/Founder-prone and/or CUSHINGS syndrome.
  • Less than 4% starch!
  • Formulated with the assistance of Beth Valentine, DVM, PhD – Oregon State University.
  • Endorsed by local veterinarians and horsemen for performance and palatability.


Low Carb Lite

  • For adult horses at risk for Insulin Resistance and Carbohydrate related problems.
  • Pelleted horse feed made with the most recent findings that follow requirements from Dr. Kellon’s research.
  • Quality fiber sources are highly digestible.
  • Low Starch.
  • Non-Structural Carbohydrate maximum … 8%.


Premium Excel Horse FeedPremium Excel

  • Features whole oats and beet pulp.
  • Significantly higher levels of Vitamin E.
  • Improved fortification of vitamin/minerals to aid in performance results while supporting muscle and bone health.
  • Flaxseed and Linseed meal support immune function.
  • Controlled starch levels with additional yeast culture to aid in digestion and absorption to lessen the risk of digestive upset.
  • Soybean oil enhances control and sustains energy, providing a controlled release of highly digestible fats.
  • Same low inclusion of preservatives.


Senior Advantage 

  • 8% fat level, higher than most other “Senior” feeds.
  • A Premium Quality feed that is designed for the unique nutritional needs of the older horse.
  • Formulated with beet pulp, processed grains, enhanced vitamin/mineral levels, and digestible fiber sources in a pelleted form.
  • These pellets are softened with a coating of soybean oil and molasses to make them highly palatable and easy to chew.
  • If dental problems exist, Premium Senior can be used to replace some, or if necessary all, of your horses’ hay.
  • Dust Free.
  • Available in pellet or textured form.


Premium Fiberize Horse FeedFiberize

  • Premium Blend of pellets and loose beet pulp!
  • Coated with vegetable oil and molasses for palatability.
  • Highly digestible fiber!
  • Added Linseed meal, Flaxseed meal, Rice Bran, and Biotin!
  • Non-Structural Carbohydrate maximum … 15%.
  • Excellent choice for Athletes and “Hard Keepers”.


Hay Extender

  • Inexpensive source of quality fiber.
  • Very Palatable.
  • For horses and ALL Livestock.
  • No added Vitamins or Minerals (other than those naturally occurring).
  • Formulated to be used as a hay or fiber replacer.
  • Best when used in conjunction with hay at a 50/50 ratio. (Ex. If you are currently feeding 1/2 bale of hay per head per day (approx. 20lbs of day), substitute up to 10lbs with “Hay Extender.)
  • Feed NO more than 5lbs per feeding.


Fortify Supplement Horse FeedFortify

  • Excellent for Insulin Resistance – HYPP – Founder Prone Horses – OCD – Cushings, and “Easy Keepers”.
  • Can be feed alone to easy keepers, fed with grain to supplement fortification, or used as a top-dress with a feed.
  • Only feed 1 to 2 pounds daily!
  • Due to the high vitamin/mineral levels DO NOT supplement with additional vitamins or minerals!
  • NO Cereal Grains added = lower in calories and Nonstructural Carbohydrates.
  • Yeast Culture to aid in digestion and adsorption to lessen the risk of digestive upset.
  • Full range of B-Complex vitamins (including Biotin).
  • Flaxseed for high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Excellent ratios of copper and Zinc.
  • Improved metabolism and insulin response through increased Magnesium.
  • Selenium fortification for our area.


Genesis Organic Performance Plus Horse Feed

  • Organic Oats- The Canadian prairies finest, extremely clean and heavy clipped oats (38 lb to 44 lb oats compared to 28 lb to 32 lb oats) rich in poly unsaturated fats, primarily linoleic acid.
  • Organic Hulless Barley- Very digestible starch, high energy, low fiber product.
  • Organic Peas- Excellent protein source, added chlorophyll (naturally attained while grazing) & higher Lysine content (an essential amino acid).
  • Organic Flaxseed Meal.
  • Natural Supplement- Vitamin and mineral supplement in a base of alfalfa and peas.
  • GMO Free, Chemical & Pesticide Free, No Molasses.

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