Free Dog and Cat Food!

When you purchase 12 bags of any of the Paws Pet Foods, you receive a free bag.  Simply stop by our store, purchase your first bag and we will keep count of how many you have purchased on a special Paws Patron card.  When you purchase the 12th bag, we will let you know so you can arrange for your free bag.  It is that simple!!

For more information, please contact at 301-663-3113.

Proud_Paws_Performance_Dog_Food_Bag_146x250 Proud_Paws_Hi-Pro_Dog_Food_Bag_145x250 Proud_Paws_Cat_Food_Bag_129x250 Proud_Paws_Adult_Dog_Food_Bag_147x250 Proud_Paws_Ultra-Select_Dog_Food_Bag_144x250