The hatchery guarantees that they are 90% sexed pullets, unless advertised as straight run. All chicks except the bantams and ducklings will be vaccinated for Mareks disease. Our minimum order is 3 (species, not breed specific). So you may order 3 chicks and/or 3 ducks (but not 2 chicks and 1 duck or visa versa) although we do not recommend raising them together due to their different needs. 

    We do recommend preorders! Please note that some of the breeds will not be available for preorder due to limited quantities. When those breeds arrive, if some do they would be available first come first serve on the advertised dates. Be sure to follow our FB page for updates on the breeds available!

    Chicks that are preordered MUST be picked up promptly after notified. Any chicks not picked up after 24hrs will be taken off hold and available for resale. We do also provide a health guarantee for their first 24hrs of life. If you lose a chick within 24 hours after their hatch date we will replace them with the same breed of chick. If the same breed is not available we will replace them with another breed of equal or lesser value. 


Chick Arrival Calendar


From chicks to feed to bedding and supplies, Farmers Cooperative has everything you need to get you and your chicks started!