From dry to profitable in one smooth transition.

It’s easy to pay close attention to nutrition and management when cows are putting milk in the bulk tank. But typically, dairy cows tend to receive less attention during the dry period when, in reality, the next lactation begins at dry-off. For decades, the dry period was viewed as a rest stop — an inactive period following a long lactation. Research reveals nutrition and management during the dry period are key factors in rejuvenating the cow for the next lactation. The care given to cows during the dry period will dictate productivity of the next lactation. Inattentive management and a less than optimal nutrition program during the dry period can be a costly mistake.

Destiny® Dry Cow Mineral
LegenDairy™ Heifer Mineral w/ Bovatec


Small packages can unlock your herd’s potential.

Some of the best things in life come in small packages, and this holds true when it comes to vitamin and mineral fortification in the dairy cow’s diet. Although vitamins and minerals only comprise a small amount of the daily dietary intake, the proper balance and bioavailability of these nutrients are critical in maintaining dairy herd health, reproductive efficiency, and milk production. Essential minerals and vitamins cannot be synthesized in the animal’s body and must be incorporated into the ration and/or made available as a free-choice supplement. Several variables, including dry matter intake fluctuation, feedstuff quality variations, mycotoxins, environmental stress, and water quality issues, can have significant effects on mineral interaction and availability, often triggering mineral imbalances. ADM Animal Nutrition® can meet your specific herd needs through a diverse portfolio of mineral products formulated to compliment any forage and commodity base. By providing the most bioavailable sources of macro and trace minerals, in the proper balance with optimal vitamin levels, these scientific formulas can enhance dairy herd performance and health.

Fortress™ Lactation Mineral 1:1
Fortress™ Lactation Mineral 3:1