Dry & Transitional

Our dairy specialists can meet with you, on the farm, to customize a feeding program just for you! We can manufacture custom feeds in meal, texture or pelleted form and they can be bagged or delivered in bulk directly to you.

Dry & Transition Cow System

From Dry to Profitable in One Smooth Transition

It’s easy to pay close attention to nutrition and management when cows are putting milk in the bulk tank. But typically, dairy cows tend to receive less attention during the dry period when, in reality, the next lactation begins at dry-off. For decades, the dry period was viewed as a rest stop — an inactive period following a long lactation. Research reveals nutrition and management during the dry period are key factors in rejuvenating the cow for the next lactation. The care given to cows during the dry period will dictate productivity of the next lactation. Inattentive management and a less than optimal nutrition program during the dry period can be a costly mistake.

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Farmers Cooperative Association carries many if not all of the products listed on the ADM website. If you are looking for something specific, or if you would like more information on products for your specific operation, please do not hesitate to call or email us.