Dairy Feed

Farmers Cooperative is committed to offering you the highest quality dairy feeds.  The Dairy industry plays a large role in our business and for more than 90 years we have been working to improve feeding on family farms all over the area.  Our goal is to offer top quality feeds and feeding programs at competitive prices.  In addition to our bagged products, we specialize in custom formulations.  With dozens of top ranked dairies using our feeds, we are confident that we can help you and your animals to excel!

Animal Feed in Maryland by Farmers CooperativeIt all starts with a calf!

We know that the future of your dairy is resting in your young replacement stock. That is why we feel that proper calf & heifer nutrition is so vital. We offer four milk replacers, three calf starters, two calf growers, and a heifer developer feed. We even offer three concentrates for on-farm mixing or feed supplementation. On top of all this, we offer custom feed mixing!

Transition time

During times of transition between post-freshening and lactation, remember that feed nutrition is at the up-most importance. Proper nutrition can increase peak milk as well as increase the length of time in peak milk production. Our dairy specialists can help you to design a transition cow ration or rations to best fit your vacationing milk cows. Whether you have one group of dry/transtion cows or seperate your transition cows into sub-groups, we have the feed and minerals you need to help your herd thrive!

Tank Topper!

Just one of the many dairy cow feeds we manufacture at FCA. We have several feeds available to meet your herd’s needs. Whether you are looking for a complete feed, a mineral supplement, or a top-dress – we have what you need to keep the milk tank full! Our dairy specialists can help you maintain peak effieciency with forage and hay samples as well as farm visits. We offer ADM Direct Dairy feeds, FCA Dairy feeds, and Lactation Dairy Minerals.

Our feed line includes Milk Replacers, Calf & Heifer FeedsDry & Transition Cow MineralsLactating Dairy Feeds, Lactating Dairy Minerals,

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