Our Fertilizer Division

We here at Farmers Cooperative recommend getting a soil sample done before applying any lime or fertilizer to your acreage. We want to help you find exactly what you need. All you need to do is fill a ziplock sandwich bag with soil from around the acreage you wish to test and bring it into our store. Make sure you write your name, phone number and what the acreage is (ie. horse pasture, lawn, etc.) so we can contact you with results. Who knows, you may not even need to apply lime or fertilizer!

Fertilizer – Used to feed plants

 (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium)

All fertilizers are in 50lb bags.  General spreading rates are 3.5 – 9.5 lbs per 1,000 sq.ft. or 150 – 400 lbs per acre.

5-10-10 (6110250) – Low in Nitrogen, used mostly in the fall.

10-10-10 (6110550) – Best general purpose fertilizer, can be used anytime.

10-20-10 (611050) – High in Phosphorus, not used very often.

10-20-20 (6111100) – Low in Nitrogen, not used very often.

16-8-8 (6111250) – High in Nitrogen, mostly used in spring.

46-0-0 (6111450) – Nitrogen only, used in special applications.

18-0-3 (6111650) – Use on established yards, this has slow release nitrogen.

0-0-60 (6111950) – Potassium only, used in special applications.

10-6-4 (6112150) – High in Nitrogen, used mostly in spring.

19-19-19 (6112250) – General purpose, use any time.

20-10-10 (6112550) – High Nitrogen, not used very often.

21-0-0 (6112650) – Nitrogen with sulphur (which is good for dark green color, but will streak in not applied properly) Also used in compost piles.

Lime – Used to correct soil pH

Spreading rate varies from 25 – 200 lbs per 1,000 sq.ft. depending on pH level.

Pulverized Dolomatic (6510850) – Our Best Seller! High Magnesium.

Used on gardens, lawns and fields. Fine powder, spread with drop spreader only.

Pelleted Dolomatic (6510650) – Same great product as above, only in a less dusty,

easy to spread pellet! Use with a broadcast or drop spreader.

Pulverized Calcitic (6510950) – High Calcium. Used on gardens, lawns and fields.

Fine powder, must be spread with drop spreader only.

Pelleted Calcitic (6511350) – Same product as above, only in a less dusty, easy to spread pellet!

Use with a broadcast or drop spreader.

Granular Calcitic (6510050) – Same high calcium product in a less dusty, fine stone chip granule.

The reaction time is slower than other types of lime.

Hydrated (6511250) – Use in loafing areas and in buildings to keep germs and smell down. This is

a fine powder with a fast reaction time which is easiest to spread by hand with a dust mask.

Thomasville Feed Lime (6510750) – High Calcium lime which is used in feed mixes, in lawns,

gardens and fields. This is an extra fine powder and is spread by drop spreader with an


Athletic Field Marker (6511450) – This is a non-caustic powder used to mark sports fields

Gypsum (6511650) –  Adds calcium while correcting pH and loosens heavy soil on gardens, yards

and fields.

Spread this small granule lime in a broadcast or drop spreader.

      • New Lawn – spread 80 – 100 lbs per 1,000 sq.ft.
      • Old Lawn – spread 40 – 50 lbs per 1,000 sq.ft.

Barn Grip (6510350) – Spread these limestone chips by hand on slippery surfaces in barns and walkways to create traction.

Bulk Lime

We have High Magnesium, dry lime available in bulk. Typical spread rate is 1 ton per acre. Rent a buggy and do it yourself OR let us spread it for you!

Grass Seed

Alfalfa Foremost II 7614050
Alfalfa HA343 7615550
Kentucky Bluegrass 7511200
Ladino Clover 7511300
Medium Red Clover 7513800
Kentucky 31 Fescue 7511100
Teton Fescue 7511000
Class Act II Fescue 7510500
Creeping Red Fescue 7510700
Pennlawn Red Fescue 7513000
Orchardgrass, Potomac 7513200
Annual Rye Grass 7510200
Perennial Rye Grass 7513100
Clair Timothy 7510400
Climax Timothy 7510600

Baler Twine

Baler Twine 7,200 Sisal 8012101
Baler Twine 9,000 Sisal 8010601
Baler Twine 9,000 Plastic 8010701
Baler Twine 20,000 Plastic 8010801

Crop Seeds

Farmers Cooperative has been a Hubner Seed Dealer since 2006!  Hubner is a family-owned seed company.  Although the name may not be familiar to some, Hubner is the ninth largest seed company in the United States.

Hubner’s commitment to their customers reaches far beyond the sale.  “We’re committed to helping you get the right seed in the right soil at the right time”, says president, Bob Hubner.  Hubner is providing the most technologically advanced and innovative products to farmers in 15 states at the best possible value.

Can you imagine paying less for your seed this year than you did last year, with better results?

  • Corn
  • Silage
  • Soybean
  • Wheat
  • Alfalfa

Find something you’re interested in? Looking for barley, rye, or something else not listed above? Contact Bobby Carpenter at (301) 663-4248 or (800) 255-0023.

Ice Melt

Halite Salt

  • Halite 50 lb bags 8011601
  • Halite 80 lb bags 8011701
  • 0-0-60 bagged 50 lb bags 6111950

Please contact Bobby with all other Fertilizer questions at (301) 663-3113.