Poultry Feed

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Laying Hens

Visit Farmers Coop in Maryland Today for your Animal Feed!FCA offers a few options when it comes to layer feeds.

FCA Lay 17% Crumble

Complete feed designed to meet nutritional needs of production laying hens. No additional grain, protein, mineral or vitamin sources are necessary. Our layer crumbles are highly-palatable, non-medicated feed containing 17% protein and 4% fat and is available in a short-pellet/crumble form.

Layer-Pellet-23FCA Lay 23% Crumble or Pellet

Designed to meet the nutritional needs of layers when feed with quality scratch grains in a 1:1 ratio with free-choice oyster shell. Our 23% is a complete, non-medicated feed specifically for hens. It contains 23% protein and 4% fat, and is available in short-pellet/crumble form or in pellet form.

FCA Medium Developer Scratch

ScratchFCA Medium Developer Scratch is a high-quality blend of whole grains and cracked corn. Medium Developer Scratch can be mixed 50/50 with both 23% layer feeds, along with free-choice oyster-shell.

Pen Pals Chick Starter-Grower

Chick Starter-Grower is a highly digestible, 18% protein, 3% fat, complete feed formulated for starting and growing pullets. It contains high-quality grain sources, multiple protein sources, and needed minerals and vitamins for fast, efficient growth. The crumble form encourages consumption in the critical early growth and development stage. Designed to be fed from week 0-20. Available non-medicated in a 5lb and a 50lb bag as well as a 50lb bag medicated with Amprolium for coccidiosis.

Pen Pals Egg Maker Complete

Egg Maker Complete is a non-medicated feed designed to meet the complete nutritional needs of domestic layers in production. No additional grain, protein, mineral, or vitamin sources are needed. It is a 16% protein, 3% fat crumble which encourages maximum egg production. Available in a 5lb and a 50lb bag.

Oyster Shell

Highly digestible source of calcium. High producing hens need supplemental calcium to maintain shell quality. Oyster Shell is available in a 10lb or 50lb bag.

Meat Birds

Pen Pals Meat Maker

Meat Maker is an all-in-one feed specifically designed to produce fast growing, healthy meat birds (broilers, ducks, and geese) at maximum efficiency. No additional grain, protein, mineral, or vitamin sources are needed. Designed to be fed from start to finish. Available in a 5lb and 50lb bag.


Helps chickens break feed down for better utilization. Grit is available in different sizes depending on the bird’s size.

Starter Grit

Farmers Coop Provides only the Best Feed in Maryland for your Growing Animals!

  • Grit size 1/16″ – 3/32″
  • Feed to broilers for the first 2 weeks.
  • Feed to layers for the first 3 weeks.

Grower Grit

  • Grit size 3/32″-3/16″
  • Feed to broilers 3-6 weeks.
  • Feed to layers 4-7 weeks.
  • Feed to turkeys for the first 3 weeks.

Developer-Layer Grit

  • Grit size 3/16″-5/16″
  • Feed to broilers after 6th week.
  • Feed to layers after 7th week.
  • Feed to turkeys 4-9 weeks.

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