Swine Feed 

    Farmers Cooperative carries an extensive line of pig feeds.  From milk replacer, starter feeds, commercial feeds, ShowTec® show feeds, CatalystTM show feeds and supplements you can find what you need here.

Milk Replacer

ShowTec® Pig Milk Replacer 


  • All-milk protein and lactose, acidified piglet milk replacer with a high nutrient density
  • Use to supplement or completely replace sow’s milk
  • Can be used to top-dress on show pig rationsto supply additional energy and protein

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FCA carries a variety of starters and prestarters. The starters below are manufactured by ADM Animal Nutrition.

MoorMan’s® ShowTec® Prestarter – 12097CVWD4

  • 24% Protein, 7% Fat and 1.7% Lysine
  • Complete, micro-pelleted feed
  • Formulated for starting early-weaned pigs weighing 8-15 lbs
  • Recommended feeding rate is 1 bag per litter

MoorMan’s® ShowTec® Burst Starter – 24020CVWE4

  • 21.5% Protein, 6.5% Fat and 1.5% Lysine
  • Complete mini-pelleted feed
  • Formulated for starting and growing pigs 15 to 50 lbs being fed for show pig sales or to be shown in early exhibition shows
  • Feed 2 to 3 bags per litter

MoorMan’s® ShowTec® Sale Burst  – 21206CVWE4

  • 20% Protein, 5.5% Fat and 1.25% Lysine
  • Complete mini-pelleted feed
  • Designed for feeding to show pigs weighing 25 to 75 lbs

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FCA Commercial Pig Feeds

FCA Pig & Hog 16% Pellet 3914450

  • Complete feed for grow-finish operations
  • 16% protein, 3% fat, 1% Lysine
  • Non-medicated formula

FCA Porkmaker 14% Meal or Pellet  – 3914650 Meal   – 3914750  Pellet

  • Complete feed for breeding sows and finishing market hogs
  • 14% protein, 2.6% fat, 0.60% lysine
  • Non-medicated formula
  • Available in meal or pellet form

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ShowTec Show Pig Feeds

The superior choice for championship results.


MoorMan’s® ShowTec® BB 18  – 18241AGNE4

  For pigs on target

  • 18% Protein, 3.75% Fat, 1.05% lysine
  • Complete, pelleted feed
  • Feed to show pigs from 50 lbs to show weight

MoorMan’s® ShowTec® Hi Fat 18  – 18007AGNE4

For pigs in need of more cover

  • 18% Protein, 7% Fat, 1.05% lysine
  • Complete, mini-pelleted, high fat show pig feed
  • Feed to show pigs from 50 lbs to show weight

MoorMan’s® ShowTec® Hi Fat 16 – 16700AGNE4

Fuller body, high intake while maintaining muscle and cover

  • 16% Protein, 7% Fat and 0.9% lysine
  • Complete, mini-pellet, low protein, high fat, show pig feed
  • Feed to pigs 50 lbs to show weight

MoorMan’s® ShowTec® Finisher Paylean® 12228CROE4

  For show pigs needing more mass with a powerful look

  • 20% Protein, 5.5% Fat, 1.25% lysine
  • Complete, mini pelleted show feed
  • Designed to be fed the last 21 days before show
  • Contains Paylean® (for muscle development)

Holding Ration

MoorMan’s® ShowTec® Time OutTM – 00000AAAE4

  • 17% Protein, 2.5% Fat, 1.3% lysine
  • Complete, mini-pelleted holding ration
  • Helps maintain muscle shape, finish and body condition
  • Contains various vitamins, minerals, fiber, electrolytes and other patent-pending feed ingredients that help hold that championship finish
  • Designed to be fed at 4 lbs per head per day to show pigs over 200 lbs

Show Time

MoorMan’s® ShowTec® Show Prep – 12303AAA

  • 15% Protein, 5.5% Fat and 6% Fiber
  • Specially formulated for exhibition swine the night before and the day of a show
  • Packaged in a 5 lb bag that provides two meals. (2.5 lbs per meal)

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CatalystTM Show Pig Feeds 

The economical choice for winning results.

  Catalyst Start’em – 80177CVWE4

  • 20% Protein, 4% Fat and 1.2% lysine
  • Complete, mini-pellet
  • Designed for show pigs weighing 50 to 150 lbs

  Catalyst Build’em – 80178AGNE4

  • 18% Protein, 4% Fat and 1% lysine
  • Complete, mini-pellet
  • Designed to be fed to show pigs weighing 150 lbs to show weight

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Show Pig Supplements

Helping our exhibitors gain the competitive edge through superior feed technology

EatMoorTM 12346AAA

  • Top-dress supplement that stimulates appetite, enhances healthy digestion and gives animals the edge needed to resist the effects of stress
  • Provides Cell-Rate®, CitriStim®, PremiDexTM, Amaferm®, PrimaLac and other beneficial ingredients.
  • Top-dress 2-4 oz per head per day to show pigs
  • Available in meal form in a 3.75 lb bag, 13 lb pail and 44.1lb bag.

ShowtsTM 12349AAAE4

  • Mini-pelleted, non-medicated, top-dress supplement
  • Designed to be used in place of oats in show pig rations
  • Supplies minerals and vitamins that supplementing with “just oats” does not provide
  • Feed 0.5 -1 lb per head per day

Lean Maximizer – 11102DB

  • Mini-pelleted, top-dress supplement containing Paylean (no withdrawal)
  • Top-dress 2-4 oz per head per day for the last 21 days before show
  • Available in a 25 lb pail

MoorBodyTM  – 12111AAA15

  • Top-dress energy and fiver supplement to help sculpt a whinning show pig
  • Helps develop a hard finish and enhance appearance of skin and hair coat
  • Citrus and beet pulp create gut fill, expanding rib capacity
  • Feed 0.5 – 2 lb per head per day
  • Designed to be fed with 2-4 lbs per head per day of a ShowTec Developer product
  • Available in a 40 lb bag

Pig Navigator – 10200DB

  • Mini-pelleted, top-dress supplement
  • Formulated to enhance lean growth and muscle expression
  • Used to “hold” pigs from gaining weight too rapidly
  • Top-dress at 4-8 oz per head per day as a replacement for 1-2 lb of complete feed
  • Available in a 25 lb pail

Cellarator Turbo – 8279005U

  • 3 in 1 fast acting, oral paste that combines the power of Cell-Rate with probiotics, electrolytes, and vitamin E
  • Supports performance, deters dehydration, and helps lessen the effects of stress
  • Available in an 80 cc tube

RehydradeTM  – 8820AAA5Q

  • Unique, energy and electrolyte supplement
  • Fortified with Cell-Rate, PremiDex, and other beneficial nutrients
  • Feed as a top-dress or mix with water for a drench at 6 oz per head per day
  • Powder form
  • Available in a 2.25 lb canister

Alliance 3-DTM – 12079AAA

  • A top-dress oil for extra body dimension
  • enhances condition and performance, producing a smooth, well-defined body condition along with healthy skin and a glossy hair coat
  • Top-dress 1 oz per 100 lb body weight per day
  • Available in 1 gallon

MoorFatTM – 235

  • An energy supplement which enhances condition and performance
  • Helps produce a smooth, well-defined body condition along with healthy skin and a glossy hair coat
  • Top-dress 2-4 oz per head per day
  • Available in a 20 lb pail (235AAA77) and a 50 lb bag (235AA)

Fast FuelTM – 11850AAAE6

Accelerating Power to WinTM

  • “Finishing Touch” for a Championship Finish
  • Provides octacosanol from wheat germ and stabilized rice bran
  • Fortified with natural-source vitamin E, Prosponse yeast supplement, methionine, cobalt glucoheptonate, vitamin B12 and thiamine
  • Top-dress 4-6 oz per head per day
  • Available in a 25 lb bag


  • Formulated to help sine overcome the negative effects of heat stress
  • Contains Thermal CareTM S, a patent-pending technology that utilizes specially selected, research tested compounds to help overcome the negative effects of heat stress
  • Top-dress this mini-pelleted 4 oz per head per day
  • Available in a 25 lb bag

MoorFlexTM 12298AAA

  • One-of-a-kind top-dress supplement that contains an ingredient approved for livestock feed that provides a source of natural substances recognized to influence joint health
  • Supplies Cell-Rate, a source of nucleotides that may help fuel natural metabolic processes involved in stress, immunity and production
  • Provides vitamins and complexed zinc
  • Top-dress 2-4 oz per head per day to show pigs
  • Available in meal form in a 3.75 lb bag (12298AAA5E) and a 13 lb pail (12298AAAPE)

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