Quality Horse Feed

Taking a step back in history, 90 years ago, a customer asking for horse feed may have been given a bag of oats, or even a bag of cattle feed.  This was not only acceptable but, the only solution.  A lot of things have changed in 90 years.  Farmers Cooperative now offers more horse feed formulas than any other species.  With this complete line of equine feeds, we can assure you that we have a feed here for every horse in your barn!

FCA manufactures a complete line of horse feeds, including:

We also offer feed products from ADM Forage First®.

What can FCA offer me?


FCA uses a “locked-formula” method of production.  Some feed companies manufacture feed with “least-cost” formulations.  This means, the ingredients used in your bag of feed may change from week to week, depending on whatever is cheapest at the moment.  FCA feels that performance and consistency should prevail over profit and we DO NOT CHANGE our formulas based on day-to-day pricing.

Fresh Quality Feeds

Would you eat stale bread in the morning for breakfast?  No?  Why then would you feed your horse stale feed?  FCA is proud of our ability to provide Fresh, Quality feeds!  All of our feeds are stamped with the manufactured date for freshness.  Check the bag, chances are the feed you picked up this afternoon was manufactured this morning!

Plain Bags

We believe what is IN the bag is more important than what is ON the bag.  Why waste money on “pretty” bags that just end up in the trash?

Cutting Edge Nutrition

Times have changed and computers are now widely used in completing rations and feed formulas.  Our equine nutritionist works very closely with the most cutting-edge nutritional guidelines, to enable us to offer the best products possible for your animals.

Custom Feed Mixing

We offer custom mixing services for customers who are interested in designing their own rations.  (40 bag, 2,000 lb. minimum)

90+ Years Experience

FCA has been an active part in Frederick County Agricultural Business for more than 90 years.