Lactating Dairy

Lactating Dairy Feeds

Farmers Cooperative is committed to offering you the highest quality dairy feeds. The Dairy industry plays a large role in our business and for more than 90 years we have been working to improve feeding on family farms all over the area. Our goal is to offer top quality feeds and feeding programs at competitive prices. In addition to our bagged products, we specialize in custom formulations. With dozens of top ranked dairies using our feeds, we are confident that we can help you and your animals to excel!

Our dairy specialists can meet with you, on the farm, to customize a feeding program just for you! We can manufacture custom feeds in meal, texture or pelleted form and they can be bagged or delivered in bulk directly to you.

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Lactating Dairy Minerals

IMPORTANCE of Proper Dietary Vitamin and Mineral Fortification

  • Metabolic processes and electrolyte balance
  • Skeletal structure, growth, and development
  • Muscle function and activation of enzyme systems
  • Strong immune function
  • Energy transfer and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Regulation of osmotic pressure and acid-base balance
  • Protein synthesis and as a component of essential amino acids
  • Vital for proper reproduction, good health, and optimum milk production

Small Package can Unlock Your Herd’s Potential

Some of the best things in life come in small packages, and this holds true when it comes to vitamin and mineral fortification in the dairy cow’s diet. Although vitamins and minerals only comprise a small amount of the daily dietary intake, the proper balance and bioavailability of these nutrients are critical in maintaining dairy herd health, reproductive efficiency, and milk production. Essential minerals and vitamins cannot be synthesized in the animal’s body and must be incorporated into the ration and/or made available as a free-choice supplement. Several variables, including dry matter intake fluctuation, feedstuff quality variations, mycotoxins, environmental stress, and water quality issues, can have significant effects on mineral interaction and availability, often triggering mineral imbalances. Dairy Solutions Dairy Mineral System from ADM Alliance Nutrition can meet your specific herd needs through a diverse portfolio of mineral products formulated to compliment any forage and commodity base. By providing the most bioavailable sources of macro and trace minerals, in the proper balance with optimal vitamin levels, these scientific formulas can enhance dairy herd performance and health.

For more information on Dairy Solutions Dairy Mineral, please feel free to call or email us.