A new look on ADM’s GLO feed line!

When it comes to nutrition there isn’t a “one size fits all.”

Your horse is a unique individual; it’s time to feed him like one. Count on ADM Animal Nutrition to meet the nutritional needs of your whole barn! There is an exciting new look to compliment their improved GLO horse feed line. Save $2 on each bag of SeniorGlo, JuniorGlo, PrimeGlo and PowerGlo today.


Sweet deer corn is now in stock!


During the month of September when you purchase Rack Plus deer blocks, minerals, feed or tubs you get chances to win a shotgun case!

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$7 off ACES

– A unique amino acid cell rate supplement that supports muscle development and helps maintain muscle mass.


$10 off Inside Tract

– A gastrointestinal health supplement for the colicky horse


Summer Care is a unique supplement formulated to help support your horse through the hot summer months. With a low feeding rate and advanced nutrition Summer Care delivers an economical means to help facilitate optimal health. Place this protein, vitamin and mineral tub out in the pasture and let it work it’s magic.


~Thermal Care™; encapsulated plant extracts to help maximize blood flow and dissipate heat.

~CitriStim® ; a unique whole-cell inactivate yeast, supporting and optimizing gut health.

~Garlium; garlic extract.

~Cell Rate®; a source of nucleotides which are the building blocks for maintaining, growth and repairing body cells.

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100lb protein-vitamin and mineral tubs with Summer Care are now $10 off each!

$10 off 12lb pails!

$3 off each 3.75lb bag!