Dog and Other Animal Feed Offered at Farmers Cooperative in Maryland

Proud Paws Pet Foods Offer . . .

Nutritionally Complete and Balanced Products

All Proud Paws Pet Food products are 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for the appropriate AAFCO dog or cat food nutrient profiles. No additional sources of protein, energy, vitamins, or minerals are needed in the pet’s diet.

All Meat Protein Sources

Dogs and cats efficiently use meat-based protein sources to meet needs for maintenance, growth, and reproduction.

High Quality Ingredients

Strict selection of high-quality ingredients and manufacturing quality control procedures ensures products contain only high-quality ingredients beneficial to the nutritional status of pets.

High and Consistent Palatability

Nutritional adequacy combined with great taste ensures pets will consume needed nutrients.

Low-Fiber/High-Energy Content

The result is less stool volume, a great feature for pet food products.

Vitamin/Mineral Fortification

Proper mineral and vitamin levels are essential for a vast array of body functions and health. An improperly formulated pet food predisposes pets to an inefficient, unhealthy life.

Locked-In Product Formula

Ensures products are consistent from one production run to the next. Nutrition and palatability would otherwise be compromised.

Dry Product Form

Providing a consistent, palatable, complete pet food is more easily accomplished with dry pet foods versus canned pet foods, which typically contain meat, meat-byproducts, cereal products, and a high percentage of water. Canned pet foods may or may not be fortified with needed vitamins and minerals.

Poultry Products and Fish Meal

The use of poultry products in Proud Paws Cat Foods guarantees a source of linoleic acid (natural source of Omega 6 fatty acid), which is important in meeting feline nutrient needs for healthy skin and coat. Poultry and fish ingredients are crucial to meeting a cat’s taurine (amino acid essential to cats) requirement.

Low-Ash Content in Cat Food

Proud Paws Cat Foods are formulated at ash levels below those known to impact the incidence of Feline Urological Syndrome (FUS).

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